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No Contact Hospital

In order to minimize contact between ourselves and our clients, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY we are moving to a No Contact Hospital. This means that as of today Loving Pet Care Hospital will NOT be permitting any clients to enter the facility. To minimize human to human contact we now will be offering curbside pick up and drop off for all appointments.

When you arrive at Loving Pet Care Hospital, please call 443-280-1587 and inform the doctor of your name, pets name, and what you are here for (medication refill, appointment, surgical intake).

Exam/Appointment: We will take the medical history over the phone when you call to alert us to your arrival. We will then ask where you are parked and the make/model of the car.

  • - The staff member will meet you at your vehicle or at the entrance of Loving Care Pet Hospital
  • - The team member will take your dog or cat from you.
  • - All dogs will be transferred to one of Loving Care Pet Hospital’s slip leash and all cats need to be in portable carriers.
  • - The veterinarian will contact you on the number provided throughout the exam to discuss any concerns you may have, diagnostic, treatments,       estimates, medications, or other information involved in the appointment.
  • - At the end of the appointment, a client service representative or nurse will tell the client the cost of the exam and the client can pay over the - phone with a major credit card or Care Credit. A staff member will bring you your invoice and pet right back to your care.

Surgical Intake/Hospitalization Intake

  • - A staff member will meet you at your vehicle to discuss any updated estimate information or to verify all appropriate authorization has been signed.
  • - Authorizations forms can be printed from our website and pre signed upon arrival
  • - After all paperwork is complete our intake nurse will take your pet from you and take them inside.
  • - After the procedure the doctor will call you with a pick up time.
  • - At time of pick up, please call with your arrival.
  • - We can discuss the invoice and have you pay over the phone
  • - A nurse will bring your pet out to your car for your convenience

Medication pick up/refills:

  • - Medication may be requested through our online Pharmacy
  • - Hospital dispensed medications should be requested through our main line at 443-280-1587.
  • - A team member will call you when your pets medication is ready for pick up and will collect the payment over the phone.
  • - Please call the office when you arrive to pick up the medication and a staff member will bring the medication out to your car

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