• "Such a wonderful visit! Dr. Bishop is so kind, patient, and knowledgeable. They were able to take us the next day when we needed to get our new cat, Ivan, vaccinated. He had been outside and needed treatment. The doc knew the shots he needed and helped with his fleas. I highly recommend this fantastic care to anyone looking for a new vet. The gentleness here is priceless. Thank you Dr. Bishop!! ^_^"
    Steph P (Oct 2017)
  • "Dr Bishop and staff are wonderful. In addition to Mobile care Dr.Bishop now has a nice new office right at Lake Avenue and Falls Rd. 21210 right next to the Royal Farm store
    I have known Dr,. Bishop for a very long time and he is most kind and so gentle with your pets.
    He takes great pride in his practice and his love for animals.
    Super great vet"
    Barbara S. (July 2017)
  • "I cannot say more positive things about Dr. Bishop or his practice!
    It isn't often you meet someone who cares so deeply about his patients and I feel incredibly fortunate to have met Dr. Bishop for my Miniature Schnauzer, Mick.
    From the moment we walked in, we were welcomed with warm arms and my dog felt comfortable, relaxed and was excited to play with the vet. Dog owners know that isn't always the case! Dr. Bishop is thorough, articulate and detail oriented which is exactly what I was looking for in a vet.
    His practice is clean, easy to access from downtown Baltimore and emits a warm feeling.
    The secret is out! Dr. Bishop is a gem!"
    Michelle K and "Mick" (April 2017)
  • "There are so, so many factors that go into being a good veterinarian and having what I could define as a superb practice. I have been proven right time and time again with Loving Pet Care Hospital. This hospital and its team is a DIAMOND.
    Professionalism and "no BS" is definitely something that pops into everyone's head when it is time to take a pet for a wellness exam or when there is an emergency. I have had the privilege of having many pets in my lifetime, and never have I had such a wonderful, professional, personable, thorough and compassionate veterinarian or team such as Dr. Bishop and the team at Loving Pet.
    Cost is also always a concern and I can say as someone who doesn't have money pouring out of my ears, the prices are extremely competitive and the care you receive is absolutely worth what you're paying for. The prescription costs are competitive and on point cost-wise. NO surprises. I would pay so much more knowing that the end point is a happy me and a happy pet!"
    Gwennie G (March 2017)
  • "If you need a loving caring veterinarian- look no further than Dr. Salif Bishop. He used to be downtown but opened his own practice on Falls Road near Roland Park and Mt. Washington. He also makes house calls.
    He is compassionate and kind and very knowledgeable.
    When it was time for my beloved Westie to cross the "rainbow bridge" he let me know and did not recommend unnecessary and costly care that would not have helped her. She did not suffer and that was so important to me."
    DC. (March 2017)
  • "Dr Bishop and his staff are caring, kind, patient and knowledgable. My mother's dog didn't have a regular vet, so when she had a seizure and we needed someone right away, and ideally someone who could come to my mother's home, Dr Bishop responded to my message within 30 minutes and was able to come within 2 hours. While the long-term prognosis isn't great, we know that Dr. Bishop and his caring assistant will be able to help all of us through this difficult time to come."
    Julia R. (Nov 2016)
  • "Our 10-year-old dog hates going to the vet, which means that we all hate going to the vet. They have to muzzle her, and she's highly anxious and growly until we leave. So happy to find a mobile vet. Dr. Bishop is very patient and caring, and our annual checkup went great. For the first time in years, our dog survived the summer without going bald from allergy scratching because of a prescription she was put on by Dr. Bishop. We had tried everything and nothing worked. We also visited their new Falls Rd office for our dog's teeth cleaning, which went very well and they called to check up on her the next day."
    Al E. (Sept 2016)
  • "I had the good fortune of meeting Dr. Bishop when my pet African Grey parrot seemed to be a little thinner than normal. Fortunately, for us Dr. Bishop was a rare vet that would treat birds. His talent and knowledge while dealing with my bird was immediately obvious. He was very comfortable with the bird, did a full exam and knew right when to move his finger to avoid a bite! He was very patient and kind in explaining what he believed the problem was and in outlining a treatment plan to help my dear friend, Sunflower. I ended up seeing Dr. Bishop throughout Sunflowers illness and we both fell in love with the talent, knowledge, kindness and availability that just naturally come along with Dr. Bishop and his staff. I highly recommend him to anyone who has an animal "best friend". You can honestly feel the good feelings, the concern, and the way your animal will respond to the Dr. may surprise you. I believe our pets know when they are in good hands."
    Dawn E. (Dec 2014)

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  • ""It is nice to rely on his good medical judgment and his caring services.""
  • ""I highly recommend Dr. Bishop, especially if you are stressed out about a serious pet health problem. He is a very kind-hearted person.""

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